TuffRock operates in the global animal health markets developing and manufacturing effective, natural and safe volcanic products. In these products, the energy contained within volcanic minerals is harnessed to achieve revolutionary results.


TuffRock Pty Limited was established in July 2002 by Steve Hurley, Roger Smith, Kari Kostamo and John Broadbent following several years of extensive Research and Development, product development and test marketing.


TuffRock applies its proprietary technology to all-natural ingredients in its products and takes pride in being a nutraceutical manufacturer. 


There are no drugs, chemicals, biotics, enzymes or heavy metals used in our products, making them unique in delivering effective results without the risk of animals developing resistance against them.



TuffRock’s current range includes several volcanic products for:



  • Aiding digestive processes

  • Maintaining normal physiology

  • Reducing risk of animal setbacks

  • Improving environmental hygiene

  • Relieving stress

  • Reducing feed cost

  • Aiding joint health

  • Collagen